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Why Choose PEAK?

Our mission at PEAK HR Solutions is to help your business succeed through your people strategy

As a business leader, you know the importance of having a strong HR strategy in place. But what if you don’t have the expertise, time, or resources to manage it all? That’s where we come in.

Our team of HR experts has over 20 years of combined experience in all aspects of HR helping companies from start-ups to fortune 50 companies find success through their people strategies. From recruiting and payroll to culture building and change management, we understand the unique challenges faced by startups and SMBs, and we’re here to help you navigate them.

With Peak HR Solutions, you can trust that your HR operations are being managed correctly and in a way that supports your business goals. We create and manage a comprehensive people strategy tailored to your business, designed to facilitate long-term transformation and success.

And the best part? We free you up from the tedious day-to-day HR work, so you can focus on other areas of the business. For a fraction of the cost of hiring an entry-level full-time HR employee, we provide your business with the HR expertise it needs to succeed.

Investing in a proactive people strategy can be the difference between business failure and success. Let Peak HR Solutions be your partner in achieving long-term success through your people strategy.

With nearly 20 years of combined knowledge, skills, and experience in all aspects of HR, Peak HR Solutions is equipped to help your small or medium business find success through your people strategy. 

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Get To Know Us

Sidney Carter

Sidney Carter

As the founder of Peak HR Solutions, Sidney is an entrepreneur and a global business leader with over 12 years of experience as an HR business partner with executive leadership. He’s led teams of HR professionals focused on designing and implementing strategic business and employee transformation initiatives. He’s well versed in all aspects of HR, the employee life cycle, and the employee experience, including culture creation, compensation, benefits, talent acquisition, learning and development, change management, performance management, employee and labor relations, organization planning and design, regulation and compliance, reward and recognition, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and HR Data Analytics. He gained his HR philosophy while working for PepsiCo and GE, two of the biggest names for best-in-class people practices. From there, he has been able to help multiple start-ups create their HR department and people strategy leading to company success. Sidney holds a BA from the University of Utah, and a Masters of Human Resources and an MBA from Utah State University. He and his wife have four children and reside in Beautiful Cache Valley, Utah.

Trisha Hunsaker

Trisha Hunsaker

Trisha Hunsaker is a highly skilled and experienced business professional who has dedicated her career to helping others achieve success. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Utah State University, Trisha has spent seven years in the HR and Recruiting field, helping individuals find their ideal career paths.

Trisha’s passion for helping others extends beyond her professional life. She spent two years working with students at the Huntsman School of Business, where she helped prepare them for their future careers. Following this, Trisha spent three years as an HR Business Partner with Belfor Franchise Group, followed by three years as the Talent Acquisition Manager for iFIT. She then spent an additional year as an HR Business Partner at MountainWest Pipeline, where she continued to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her.

Currently, Trisha serves as a Director of Business Development and Operations, where she uses her creative problem-solving skills to drive success for her organization. Her commitment to helping others and her expertise in HR and Recruiting make her a valuable asset to any team.

In her free time, Trisha loves to travel with her two boys, taking advantage of every opportunity to explore new places and create lasting memories. Her dedication, passion, and expertise make her a true asset to any organization.



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